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        Tuesday, July 7, 2009

        WHY Under the Radar Monetizing Social Network Users $ Off-Network & Data Valuation are 10-100x LOW DELL B&M DEMOG Co. $1-300/hr.=MAGIC BOX WEB D3!!

        WHY Under the Radar Monetizing Social Network Users $ Off-Network & Data Valuation are 10-100x LOW DELL B&M DEMOG Co. $1-300/hr.=MAGIC BOX WEB D3!!

        The Reason that the Under the Radar Blog is if anything 10-100x LOW IS THAT Bricks & Mortar Research Co. charge $1-300/hr. brand & Advertisers for the lesser quality DATA (aggregate Video from Focus groups & in person Panels) that could be Synergised & Gathered over the WEB D3 style! I KNOW THIS because I Have been PAID x$100/Hour!!!, as a subcontractor (Participant) or WHOLESALER (Organizer) by By Startups & Established Brands including A Category Leading Social NETWORK & to Organize these by A Category leading A-LIST TECHNOLOGY Top 10 COMPANY?!?) I even have a Growing Digital Due Diligence Business {my work responding as an Expert in Widget & Mobile Monetization through an Expert Network is in the $2-500's/hr. FOR Online SURVEY QUESTIONS & PHONE CALLS!!! and we receive more & more Invites to do Projects!!! the % of Projects in or Niche is in the 1000's & GROWING
        & WE ONLY CAN RESPOND TO 10's a WEEK!!!} . Because of this Trending I see a WEB D3 DISRUPTIVE REVENUE Opportunity!!!

        This is What Raj Kapur of Under the Radar Also Predicts

        That said, I do believe there’s a big opportunity - it’s in the Data that is captured explicitly (entering info on yourself in your profile) and implicitly (the groups you join, the content of the messages you send each other). In some social nets like Facebook and LinkedIn, the data is very deep and for the most part true. The profile page itself is a treasure trove of information on age, gender, location, interests, work experience, favorite movies, tv, etc - all the attributes a great brand marketer wants to target when reaching an audience.

        The advertiser may not have measurable success reaching the user in the social network, but if they had access to the data when the user is on other sites - more conducive to engagement with ads - the advertiser would be in nirvana.

        The data economy is developing fast where data is decoupled from ad inventory and used to target audiences where ever they are (Mayfield companies Audience Science, Adchemy, and Rubicon Project are leading the charge here). I think the big social networks are aware of this but are treading carefully given the privacy concerns. I do believe when they find the right mix of user privacy and sharing of this data, they can provide it to advertisers, networks, and publishers and profit handsomely from it. They can make more money on a user by charging a tax for the data each time its used vs the pageviews from that user on their site.

        Let’s do the math and make some assumptions to illustrate:

        I used the following estimates on ad impressions/user/mo on top social networks:
        - Facebook: 356
        - Tagged: 387
        - Myspace: 452
        ….Avg: 403

        …And I assume $.50 as the assumption for eCPM (which I believe maybe high). Thus, on average a social network makes $.20 per user per month on ads on their site.


        Now, let’s look at how many ad impressions the typical internet user encounters in a month - I’ve found it to be about 1,650 per month. Let’s also assume the following:

        - 50% of these impressions could be targeted using the vast amounts of profile and friend data from SNS
        - $2 eCPM for such a data targeted ad
        - the social network keeps 15% of this revenue for its data (which seems like the going rate talking to data players).

        That’s about $.25 per user per month. So, if my assumptions hold true, then a social network can monetize their users $.25 offsite vs $.20 onsite….

        Social networks will make money on their site - thru ads, virtual goods, etc - but the real big opportunity is freeing all the user data and enabling it to target them wherever they are on the web.

        HE IS RIGHT BUT HE IS UNDERSTATING THE OPPORTUNITY. THIS IS THE NO-BRAINER (Adsenselike) FLOOR OF THE MARKET. THE BLUE SKY is IN OFFERING GRANULAR TUNED (By Percentage of Demographic & Psychographic) GEOGRAPHICALLY DISTRIBUTED Video (via Webcam) SURVEYS, FOCUS GROUPS along with PRODUCT & SURVEY OFFERS & TRIALS (Like Ree Movie Screening w/out THE $5000 for the theater or another $15-20,000 for the Printed PASSES & Promo STAFF see 1st steps toward this Model BUT WHY is 1 of the TOP 3 Video sites in the World NOT DOING THIS ONLINE NOW!!! WEB CAMS & CHARGING $1-2500 per for Indie Movie & Music Companies ?!? I WOULD DELL Pre-Screenings in THEATRES & do a MoviePAL Market Monetizing the FREE MARKET Research from the Myspace Friends Demographic & offer Premium Subscriptions (CROWDSOURCE the Prosumers: AUtiers, & Movie Addicts like did who want to see the alternate endings, give Feedback & have an involvement & impact on Movies they want to Learn from for their Craft & Passion) that are subsidized by the Money From selling the DATA to Movie Investors & Executive Producers as a Niche Prediction Network's you could make it a Movie Fantasy league like ESPN & give Players Box Office PRediction Rankings & $ like Earth Web's author Author HP Researcher Marc Steigler (thanks FOR VISITING US @ Micheal Carter's Java Script Meetup @ GOOGLE Mountain view, You & SNOWCRASH author Neil Stephenson are My TECHNOHACKER FUTURIST HERO's!!!) ;-) Read Earthweb & the Research behind it ttp:// become the Floor, DELLing COMODOTIZATION Adsense Revenue Opp. Of Crowdsourcing . The Blue Sky Magic BOx Opportunity is too do this with Facial Rec. Software on the Webcam Feedback because it is a 10-100x REV$+ OPP. + 10/ Cost SAVINGS!! This is the MAGIC BOX where SOMETHING GIVEN AWAY & GOT FREE (LIKE DATA is More VAluable WHOLESALED than WHAT THE IT IS WORTH SELLING IT RETAIL. WE ARE SEEING THIS WITH category leading SOCIAL NETWORK GAMES. MORE IS MADE ON SN PLATFORMS PER USER LIKE POKER ON (last we heard $30/user /month VS. World of WarCRAFT charges $15/ month/user @ !!!) & on 2nd Life ( & see my analysis of their COST

        [Here is the link for my Second Lifecase study ( I successfully presented this In the last SF Mysql meetup @ CNET ; it was Harder than a Doctoral thesis Defense) on Second Life's scaling problems & my conclusions were confirmed by a Developer in the audience who used to work there & said their initial architecture wasn't scalable & thats why their CTO got the Boot) ] For LOWER COSTS!!! This is A BILLION DOLLAR OPPORTUNITY even with out the Microtransaction Money Available . LEt ME Know WHAT YOU THINK & CALL BS WHERE NECESSARY in the COMMENTS, FACEBOOK & TWITTER !!!


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