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        Tuesday, June 10, 2008

        (Universal Ballers LLC)

        The Tag Line: 

        "Universal Ballers let the Ballers Ball and Go for the GOLD!!!"


        We are freeing the Online Team Sports Players from the interference of the AI. Games like Madden, NBA Live & FIFA prevent Players from be able to Experience the Visceral Connection CONNECTION of playing their BALLER (Player Avatar) on a team with Friends & defeating your Opponents. We free BALLERS to play HOW THEY WANT, with WHO THEY WANT, FROM WHATEVER DEVICE THEY WANT and MAKE MONEY at it!!!


        We are designing a compelling web-based multi-sport MMO Team Sports Tournament (called Baller’s Madness) integrating the best elements 5 of the MOST POPULAR team sports (Soccer, Basketball, Football, Rugby combined with Ultimate Frisbee) in the WORLD!  This is because we have included the ability to choose your Game Rule Set (through Our Pick Your Poison Feature), switch Sports in Game (the Flip the Script Feature), and play against others across all web-enabled platforms (using our Challenge Match Feature). Ballers can interact with each other and  Reality Pay-Partici-Viewers ($5 a month)! R.P.P.Ving gives you the right to settle all on-field calls lodged by Ballers by voting on their outcome & MAKE MONEY DOING THAT.

        Ballers can see This includes Paying Ballers $$ for not just winning. They also can make money 4(Referral, Ranking, Franchise, Winners Purse) ways.  recruiting Team members & Boosters (RPPViewers), designing Moves, Plays, Uniform designs, selling Highlight Reels, Theme music, and sharing revenue from selling Ads & Designs on the Affiliate Home Courts. We also are developing a Reality Prediction League (RPL) where you win Daily $$$$ based upon your success in predicting the outcome of the next play, game, playoff series & season.



        We also have built a compelling business model that offers a Compelling value proposition (a piece of the action) to the Investors, Spectators Boosters, Ballers; Ballers make based upon a Sliding scale  not just for Not just on the Field of Play but in getting Paid (with a significant Share in the revenue in this Cash Cow) .

        Do you realize no-one has built a MMO Sports Game that brings the Go-To Guy experience to the Players & the Spectators (involving the Crowd as the 12th Man through the Reality Prediction League & Put Me In Coach Features), while enabling a real world team sport competitive online experience (like team HALO is for 1st person Shooters) for the casual gamer. Even EA the industry leader is trying to build this functionality into their console games (Video link


        Solution Management:

        Founder & Chairman of the Board

        -John H. Hollis

        Startup CEO- Abdul-Karriem A. Khan

        (Principal of AK*2 Consulting 510-228-4325 grand Central #  American mobile# 510-978-9472)

        COO- Eric Shaw (CEO


        Product Development


        Industry: Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming Sports Econosystem



        Number of Strategic Partners, Subcontractors & Employees: 25

                                                                Mission: To design a compelling online 3D video game Tournament integrating the best elements 5 of the most popular team sports (Soccer, Basketball, Football, Rugby combined with Ultimate the Frisbee) played by most of the World's Population!

        Business Model: We are creating an International Online Tournament (Baller’s Madness) that gives Ballers a 3-D Surround Sound Online (3DSSO) arena where the Game-Rules (Our Pick Your Poison Feature) & Environment can change to fulfill the Player’s desires (for $10 a month) across all web-enabled platforms (including Mobile).They can play & also interact with each other and interact with Reality Pay-Partici-Viewers ($5 a month)! R.P.P.Ving gives you the right to settle all on-field calls lodged by Players by voting on their outcome!! We are developing a real world Game Economy rewarding those who add value to the Universal Balling Ecosystem!!! This includes Paying Ballers $$ for recruiting Team members, designing Moves, Plays, Uniform designs, selling Highlight Reels, Theme music, and sharing revenue from $$$ Ads & Designs on the Affiliate Home Courts. We also are developing a Reality Prediction League (RPL) where RPPVers win Daily $$$$ based upon your success in predicting the outcome of the next play, game, playoff series & season. We are structured to foster & reward $$$ the Ballers, developers, strategic partners & Trend Setters that will attract the Reality TV voting, Fantasy Network playing, User-Generated Content Creating untapped Casual Gaming Market (Game Marketing: The Game Purchase Process From A Consumer’s Point Of View 2006, Frank N. Magid Associates*

        Game Infrastructure Focus: A Web & Game 3.0 Startup that is built to support This Cross-platform Arena Econosystem. There are no games on the market that allow the user to customize their Player and Game environment and host the Game at their Local Court with custom In-game Ads with sub 300 millisecond (1/3 of a second) response times over dial-up!!! Our Baller’s Central HQ Network will support real-time updates of Baller’s Standings, Rankings, Statistics, Success %’s Tendencies & Transactions & Auto-Challenge Match Calculator for 500,000 (100,000 Ballers & 400,000 RPPV) users a month!

        Company Background: a veteran Voice-Over Artist for 2K Sports Video Company invented the game Universal Football. He developed the Physical Game and was funded by Shell to build the Field game with support & approval of OUSD & Oakland Parks & Recreation. The Rest of the Development team are Veterans of EA, Apple, Cisco, Nokia, Adobe, Genentech, Google, Ebay, and other Business 3.0 companies. Backgrounders are available by request.

        Competitive Advantage: This is a game that allows for instant gratification (w/ visual control keys), synergizing the best features of the 5 games, and allow them to experience the same game play on whatever platform they want with the SAME EXPERIENCE OVER DIALUP SPEEDS. Like Bruce Lee said, “Take that which is useful, discard that which is superfluous & make it your own!” Because we Bookmark a 250K customizable database in the client devices web browser & the data URL loaded on all Baller’s Platforms are just communicating data back & forth to render the 3DSSO video game environment on the Local Courts.

        I.P. Proprietary business Process: We Have An unfair advantage because we have developed a Hockey Stick Proof Architecture called  Web D3 ( see for the details) That scales without scaling the cost; Web D3 is about User contributed  Server Architecture Like Seti@Home .Because our main server just handles all the See and Calls along with Payouts for winners. We are like Vegas The House always wins (because we receive a share of every transaction;-).

        Markets: Provide a clear description of your target market, and any market segments that may exist within that market. Include potential market size and growth rate. Also, mention your revenue model in this section:

        • Market Potential:
        Moving onto the meat of his talk, Minotti argued that "the mobile phone platform delivers a huge addressable audience for games," and as a way of making this clear, asked the audience how many of them were carrying their Nintendo DS, Sony PSP or laptop on them, compared to how many of them were carrying a mobile phone - a significant difference.

        Minotti used some statistics to help emphasise his point - in 2006, unit sales of game consoles were 26 million, compared to 209 million PC sales, but both were dwarfed by the sale of 957 million mobile phones in the same period.

        "In 2007 there is going to be about 1.2 billion mobile phones sold," said Minotti, "The mobile phone is the most ubiquitous piece of technology there is."
        World wide mobile penetration would be at 75% in 2011 according to Minotti, with Africa and Asia the main growth areas...For a 2D mobile game, Minotti estimated that it would normally take 6-9 months for a team of 4-7 people to produce a game on a budget of 100-300k.

        Producing a 3D and 2D mobile game would require 8-12 months and 300-700k for 8-15 people, and simple networked multiplayer titles could take up to year for 5-9 people to produce a title on a budget of 200-400k.

        iPod titles, however, were very good value - taking 5-7 people 4-9 months to produce something on a budget of 150-400k. Minotti explained, "iPods have a 40 meg footprint, so you can put a lot of animation and special effects on them easily."

        To summarise, Minotti returned to the concept that the mobile games industry offered a huge addressable audience, and was the fastest growing segment of the video game market, but most importantly, it is "a medium that rewards good design."

        The Gartner Group believes there are 661 million PC users in 2006. The number will hit 953 million by the end of 2008, and cross over the billion mark in 2009… Another rapidly expanding market is the one for mobile games, with sales of $530 million in 2003, potentially rising to $2.5 billion in 2007. There are thought to be around 250 million Java-enabled phones at the moment…Java is used widely in the casual gaming market, where game-play is generally less complex and time-consuming. Implementation timelines are shorter, budgets smaller, and the required man-power is within the reach of small teams. By 2008, industry analysts believe the casual games market will surpass $2 billion in the US alone…In the future, Java may have a better chance of acceptance into the closed-world of console makers because of two trends: consoles are mutating into home media devices, and the meteoric rise of online gaming. Both require consoles to offer complex networking and server support, strong areas for Java and Sun. The prospects for Java on the PlayStation 3 (PS3) look fairly bright. Both the basic and premium PS3 versions will have 512 MB of RAM, a large hard drive, will support Linux, and use an extended version of OpenGL. Sony's software development chief, Izumi Kawanishi, has spoken of making it easier for individuals to create games on the PS3. Development kits are expected to appear in Spring 2007” (The Myths (and Truths) of Java Games Programming, A. Davison 2007

        What would an MMOG bring a mogul? Cash, for one thing. World of Warcraft, a J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired fantasy game from Vivendi Universal (V ) that boasts 5.5 million users worldwide, brought in about $300 million last year in sales and subscriptions, figures David Cole, president of game researcher DFC Intelligence. And while MMOGs make up just 7% of the $28 billion game market, they may be the most addictive niche. A Stanford University researcher who surveyed 3,000 MMOG denizens found that the median player was immersed for 20 hours a week, vs. seven to eight hours for gamers at consoles ( ).

        Distribution Channels: Indicate which channels will be used to deliver your products/service to your target markets (i.e. systems integrators, independent software vendors, partner offerings, direct sales force, channel partners, etc…) We will Open the Kimono when we are closer to a Happy Ending (Angel Term sheet ;-) .

        Competition: List any current or potential direct and indirect competition. Briefly describe the competitive outlook and dynamics of the relevant market in which you will operate. The Relevant market comparables are from a Business Week article on Virtual Worlds May 2006 & from the 2006 Second life averages $5 M/4.2 M transactions=$1.19 average per micro-transaction; (We checked the updated Second life #'s July 2007 they confirm the expected $1 per user per month revenue projection.

        Total Residents: 8,779,975 Logged In Last 60 Days: 1,638,492 Online Now: 42,003

        US$ Spent Last 24h: $1,480,236

        "...there's no denying the explosion of media, products, and services produced by users of these virtual worlds. IGE Ltd., an independent online gaming services firm, estimates that players spent about $1 billion in real money last year on virtual goods and services at all these games combined, and predicts that could rise to $1.5 billion this year.… All told, at least 10 million people pay $15 and up a month to play these games, and maybe 20 million more log in once in a while. Some players call World of Warcraft "the new golf," as young colleagues and business partners gather online to slay orcs instead of gathering on the green to hack away at little white balls. Says eBay Inc. founder and Chairman Pierre M. Omidyar, whose investing group, Omidyar Network, is a Linden Lab backer: "This generation that grew up on video games is blurring the lines between games and real life."...In January (2006) inside Second Life alone, people spent nearly $5 million in some 4.2 million transactions buying or selling clothes, buildings, and the like. That can add up to serious change. Some 3,100 residents each earn a net profit on an average of $20,000 in annual revenues, and that's in real U.S. dollars”. There is no direct Competition because no one is doing a hybrid MMO Sports Game...Yet...?!? ( &

        Wednesday, June 4, 2008

        The Mobile App Monetization Motherload

        The 3rd through 5th Slide are the FINAL WORD in mobile monetization 3.3 billion users & $100 Billion in SMS revenue

        Going Fast on the Mobile Web

        From: grigs, 1 week ago

        Web Visions presentation on developing fast-loading web pages for mobile devices.

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