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        Saturday, January 30, 2010

        Sahana web site q/a & usability feedback



        Sahana Usability and QA  Website feedback







        Participant’s First Name (or Nickname):Claudia Zeiler

        Age range: little old lady

        Gender: female

        Job: DBA

        the test, the testers should familiarize themselves with the interface
        in a basic way and try to work through the set of tasks for a key
        scenario (e.g. making a donation, locating a person, etc.)


        Thank you for participating. I’m going to be showing you a website/app and asking you some questions as you interact with it.  There are no right or wrong answers and we won't take any criticism of the site/app personally.  If
        there is anything confusing it's not a reflection on you, we just need
        to sharpen the design. This test should take around 15 minutes.


        Are you familiar with this project?  NO


        I’m sure you’re aware of the situation in Haiti after the earthquake.  If you were interested in donating money or getting involved, how would you go about doing so? (Note search terms)


        Show them the Main Screen and ask


        What do you think is the purpose of this site/app?  (If
        the answer is "not sure", ask why and provide them with a couple of
        sentence and ask what we could do to make it clearer. If their
        understanding is incorrect, note that and explain the real purpose.)

        To offer NGO's disaster management software


        Is this a site you would use? Why or why not?  No.  I'm not an NGO



        Let’s say you are in charge of crisis management at your worksite.  Would you find this site helpful?

        Sure.  If I had the mandate to get crisis management software for my workplace, I would look at this software

        Other comments about this screen?

        page seems to have a number of different objectives that are not
        readily apparent.  It would be nice if each objective had a tab or
        other heading. 


        the top the page seems to be distributing software.  Further down it
        links to a wiki page that seems to be directing people to projects to
        assist Haiti.  Are these projects that use Sahana software?

        How is the site's performance and responsiveness (page load times)? No problem noticed.


        Ask them if there are any other comments suggestions?

        had quite a bit of difficulty finding the site.  I first went to (South Asian Heritage Association of North America). I also
        looked for Sahanafoundation with unsucessful results.   The lk country
        domain was not the first place that I would have looked for the

        most web sites, a click on the upper left hand image, (a sunflower on
        this site), will take you to the home page.  This link would be a nice

        The tab entitled 'sourceforge'  would be more clear if it were labeled 'download'.

        is a link that says 'download'.  It links to a variety of versions of
        the software.  The sourceforge is only one version. 

        is a tab on the first page, 'translate' which goes to the 'sahana
        localization project'.  However, there is no link back on that page. 
        It would be nice if there was a 'home' link on this page.

        right side menu 'Report a Bug' :  I expect that clicking on it will
        open a bug form.  Instead, it links to some unreadable (and small font)
        verbage which has 2 different hyperlinks.  Both of the links go to the
        same place, the bug form that I expected in the beginning.

           Has 'Which language do you prefer to display your messages? '
        I am sure that this is on for future language expansion, but for the
        present, it only has an option of English.  The question should
        probably be made invisible until it means something.

        Under Navigation > documentation> installation links to >  which is empty.

        Navigation > documentation>  links to .  The first information on this page is 'Installation information' .

        Navigation > IRC Chat > Connect to Sahana chatroom here > links to
        At that site you have to enter the channel that you want to use.  There
        is no clue on the Sahana link page as to what channel(s) are available
        for Sahana. 

        Navigation > Report & Fix bugs duplicates

        Navigation > Report a bug (or vise versa)

        It seems odd that login is the LAST item of the Navigation menu.

        'LSF'  - The name is not self explanitory.  LSF links to Lanka software
        foundation.  The subheader says 'fuelling FOSS in Sri Lanka'.  I
        believe that the correct spelling is fueling. 




        Can we get contact info for possible follow-up questions? (If not, that's fine.)



        Thank you again!