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        Friday, May 29, 2009

        Myspace Opensocial DevJam 2009 Video Calling BS on RWW Opensocial Failed Promise!!! Comment & FB on

        AbdulKarriem commented on OpenSocial's Failed Promise: Only 0.7% of Apps Have Crossed Networks (Updated) on ReadWriteWeb
        "I am SORRY MARSHAL BUT I MUST CALL B.S. on You As much as I LOVE YOUR BLOG ;-) My Alpha Domino Game POC app is a Gmail Gadget {THE HOT CONTAINER!!!} & IGoogle Gadget (they broke the Container as they are fixing the memory management issues ) & was Loaded on to Myspace @ the Myspace DevJam with out any Need to change the XML Code Yesterday, ( in 10 minutes ; THe Only Problems were the Icon Sizing constraints of Myspace 16x16 & 64x64 & that I have to set up a seperate Response email for each app I set up) see the video ov the PROCESS On the process on my Blogs & the Video of the Conference Room sessioN @ 2:40 pm on this event Start viewing 15:00 min in! ! I literally HAD IT DONE BY THE BEGINNING OF THE 3:00 PM SESSION"

        Hey Check out my Comment & FB on & . Can I Get a PAss for Tommorrow's Google I/O session I am solving the problem but for Gapminder BI & Analytics we need something more robust than google docs @ hosting
        Implementing your Own Visualization Datasource
        AJAX + Data APIs Track - Itai Raz, Nir Bar-Lev, Jesse Lorenz
        This session will focus on building a server-side data source compatible with the Visualization API. It will cover the following topics: How to write a generic data source; using available tools to implemented a data source; a (Salesforce dev platform) expert will outline how to bring the power of the Google Visualization API to business applications: embedding Visualization components in application, and turning a application into a Google Visualization data source.

        Here is where I will be tonight? Come by & check it Out ;-) I have extra invites on my VIP list
        AbdulKarriem Ali Khan If Only My Window s Messenger Hackathon is as Easy tonight, Opensocial made Windows servers Painless Yesterday This is an invitation to a Windows Live Messenger Hackathon on the 27th May 2009 at Microsoft's offices on 835 Market St in San Francisco – very cool digs just around the corner from the Moscone Conference Center.

        What's in it for me?
        Get the State of the Nation from our social media guru (TBC)
        Build a web app that uses Messenger APIs with the Messenger Devs
        Prizes for best implementations - Xbox 360, Zunes, Microsoft Hardware up for grabs!
        Oh yeah, and we have beer and Pizza ;-)

        When is it? (27th May 2009)
        5:30 - 6:00pm: Arrival, Beers, Pizza
        6:00 - 6:20pm: Social Media: State of the Nation from social media guru (TBC)
        6:20 - 6:40pm: Messenger Library High Level
        6:40 - 7:00pm: Chill, Network, Beer, Pizza (Biz Guys can slink off)
        7:00 - 7:30pm: Messenger Library Deeper Dive
        7:30 - 10:00pm: Hackathon - let's code!

        Who should attend?
        CxO - for the state of the nation and networking
        Developers - for the hackathon
        Everyone - for the beer and pizza!

        What do I need to bring?
        Bring your codebase for a web app (if you have one) on your laptop so you can work together with the Messenger experts from Windows Live to hack instant messaging into your site!
        No web app? Don't worry we can load a sample site with code onto your laptop instead.

        A bit of background on Live Messenger:
        We won't bore you with too much marketing fluff, but you should know that Windows Live Messenger is the world's most popular IM network with over 320m users and we've opened up our APIs so that web applications can integrate with our service to provide cool experiences for their users. To find out more about the Messenger APIs, check out

        Here's a sneak peak at what you can build:

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