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    The Birth of Web D3

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      The Birth of Web D3

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        The Birth of Web D3

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        Saturday, January 5, 2008

        The Birth of Web D3

        I just finished making these Proposal to host this panel At the O'reilly Velocity Conference 2008
        check it Out। I proposed Douglas as my 1st Panel speaker. I will invite Joel Webber next.

        Velocity 2008 Call for Participation

        Submitting a proposal is a two stage process. First, enter the proposal details on this page. After submitting these, you will then be asked to input the speaker details.

        Web 3D: Distributed Database Dashboards
        Proposal title *

        How do we solve the Problems of Exponential Data Growth, Server-Client Architecture Scaling Performance limits, and Users need not just For Data & ID Portability but for Security & Control of their Data. The reality is that most of the User from Platforms without direct File-system access (IPhone & 3G, Wii, Web-enabled TV's, Internet Kiosks...) has led to the slow Javascript Bloat of Web 2.0.

        Abstract *

        The Solution is to re-architect our Clusters to reflect the reality that Server Client Architecture of Web 1.0 is DEAD!!! we no longer have the majority of our users coming from dumb terminals as clients. In fact most of the users are on Broadband enabled platforms with Processors, RAM & Serving Capabilities that are on PAR with the commodity hardware used by Google & Amazon, the industry leaders in Web-hosted (In the Cloud) Software as a Service . We must take this architect to its Logical Next Step. We Must Distribute the Web Applications to the shared OS of the Clients Browsers. With support in HTML 5 for "local" SQL databases (
        & the move to SQL-lite databases driven Local Applications by Adobe (FLEX & AIR) & Google (Gears), leads us to an Architecture where the Users data is served in SQL-lite Datastores in their devices browser caches (Apple Iphones use of Data URLs to avoid having to access the File systems) or Virtual Machines & Virtualization of OS's to collaboratively processed in a SETI@Home Architecture that allows users to contribute resources to the Performance of their Web Applications. You can use in-memory microsecond databases like Sleepy Cat (the Opensource version of Oracle Times Ten) to do session management of these Distributed Database Dashboards.

        This architecture is the only way to build Applications that perform at sub-second response time on dialup speed cellular & Mesh Networks all over the world. It will also lead to Applications that perform faster the the more users use it, while cutting infrastructure cost 75%. Lastly the User will have control of their Data (By Hosting it on their Infrastructure), Granularly control of their Data's Security (By choosing the Access & federation Policies; and Inhibiting Architecturally Javascript Vulnerabilities & Cross-Site Scripting Cascade Attacks), Contribute to their Applications Local performance, and perform local Mashups of Data in the Local SQL-lite databases & Browser Cache Offline. Distributed Database Dashboards are the One Architecture that Elegantly Solves this Problem. This is the beginning of What is being called Web 3 but I call Web 3D. See the fact that who controls Data is the Key (See Item 3. this is why Joel Webber Google Lead of Google Web Toolkit speaks of in his GWT Architectural
        Practices Presentation . This approach is Paradigm Shifting . This is why Yahoo Architect Doug Crockford has called for HTML to be fixed & . This is echoed by some of the Leading lights in the AJAX world & . Also see the New Data Models the Database community is groping towards & Data Rights